ext_124780 ([identity profile] sheddingsnake.livejournal.com) wrote on March 1st, 2009 at 12:22 am
It's been for this reason that Holly is often afraid to disclose that she's been diagnosed with Aspergers. Even when she does, she always feels the need to say that no, she isn't self-diagnosed.

Now arguably a lot of the problem is also that the groups that are derided have a very loud, but small (not certain as to anime fandom, but all anime fans go through the silly fangirl/fanboy Japanese stage - some just never get out of it) part that are obnoxious and attract the snarkers. So all the quiet ones aren't seen and only the loud ones are brought attention to. Perhaps they feed each other and it us that do not fit the stereotypes who end up suffering in the end. It's the circle of drama after all.
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